Frequently Asked Questions for Future Scouts and Their Families

Welcome to Troop 782! We’re glad you’re checking us out. Please reach out if you have any questions that I don’t have answers for here.

First, relax! This might seem like a lot all at once, but take it one step at a time, chat with other adult leaders at a Troop Meeting, and we’ll help!

  1. Come to a meeting and check us out in person. See our Events Calendar for when we have Troop Meetings.
  2. Thought that was awesome? Register your Scout with BSA.
    If you take your application in to the Council directly, they will register you on the spot.

    Parents/guardians are also highly encouraged to Register as an Adult with BSA so they can attend campouts, be a driver to scouting events, and generally have more fun. If adults want to spend more than 72h around the kids, ( they are required to register with BSA, take BSA Youth Protection Training (good for 2 years), and complete the California AB 506 training and associated LiveScan fingerprinting (good for 4 years). See also our Adult Participation Policy.

    It is strongly recommended that new Scouts and Registered Adults turn in their scout application form(s) and new membership payments at the same time they get their uniforms. Give yourself enough time as they are in two separate buildings/transactions. One is the Scout shop ((619) 294-3806) for uniforms and scout handbook, the other is their administrative office ((619) 298-612). 10am-5pm, Monday-Friday. The Scout Shop is open on Saturdays but the Council office is not. Scroll down for the list of uniform items to get.
  3. Once you’re all registered with the National organization, you should register with our website. Ideally, you should have one email address per user, and you and your scout should have their own account, but you don’t have to. It is helpful if we know which scout goes with which adult.
    You need to do this so you can log in to sign up for campouts, events, see/post pictures, etc.
  4. While you’re still working on paperwork, it’s a good idea to complete the Annual Health and Medical Record. This form consists of sections A, B, and C. Most events only require A and B, but if you’re going to your annual physical, take C along (or email it to your physician) so you have it done. The form is good for a year and we must have a copy for your scout to be able to go on campouts.

    Pro Tip: If you have PDF editing software (I use Preview on MacOS), keep an editable digital copy of the ABC form on your computer. Then, make updates digitally and export it as a new, uneditable copy. More info on that once I get a chance to write it down. 🙂
  5. You probably want a uniform sooner than later. It’s a great idea to try it on in person, so head down to the San Diego Scout Shop at 1207 Upas Street, San Diego, CA 92103. This is also where Council Headquarters is located.

    Here is the list, including links to the online Scout Shop for pricing:
    Shirt (tan)
    Pants or shorts (green)
    Belt (green)
    Patches: the green version of 7, 8, and 2, the San Diego Imperial Council shoulder patch, World Crest Scout Emblem (optional), 1910 World Crest Ring (optional)
    Epaulets: green
    Neckerchief: 782G uses the red ones, 782B uses the green ones; you receive your neckerchief and slide from the troop when you join, usually during a court of honor or if there is a special event to welcome new scouts.
    Neckerchief slide: 782 B uses the gray metal one, 782 G uses a shiny one; you can make or use anything for a slide (except cub scout slides)
    Hat: optional. The green ballcap style is most common, you can also get a wide brim one for better sun protection.
    Knife: You must earn the right to carry a knife, either by earning a Whittling Chip or a Totin’ Chip. Many scouts carry a Swiss Army Knife multi-tool because it has a can opener, scissors, and other really handy tools. Please get a folding knife, it’s safer. A pouch to carry it on your uniform belt is useful, too.
    Scout Handbook: scroll down for more about that.
    Scout Handbook Cover: scroll down for more about that.

    The Scout Shop offers sewing for an additional fee, and some uniform shirts are partially pre-sewn. If you want to do your own sewing and save the sewing charges, you can ask to buy a blank shirt and buy the patches separately.

    DON’T GLUE. Glue leaves residue that doesn’t wash out, and makes it hard to change patches.
    Velcro is an option, but be sure to get the super strong industrial kind unless you like replacing patches.

    If you already know your sizes, etc, you can also order your uniform online, and also order stuff for pickup from the Scout Shop.

    What you buy from the Scout Shop is your Class A uniform. Your Class B uniform is the Troop 782 tee shirt each scout gets for free when they join. If you need another size or other shirts for adults/family members, you can buy those from the troop. Ask at a meeting and we’ll get you set up.
  6. While you’re in the Scout Shop, be sure to pick up a copy of the Handbook. They publish the same book with two covers, and different pictures:

    The Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls
    The Scouts BSA Handbook for Boys

    Optional, but it is HIGHLY recommended to also buy a Handbook Cover. They have a couple of different designs, but whatever you do get a new sharpie and PUT YOUR NAME ON IT. The Handbook Cover is also a great place to stash your various important pieces of paper you don’t want to lose (whittling chip, totin’ chip come to mind…), plus any new patches that aren’t sewn on yet, etc. Plus a pen!
  7. Once you’ve jumped through all of those hoops, and your scout is happily attending meetings and learning knots, you’ll need to get familiar with Scoutbook so you can help your scout set up their account. Ask one of the adult leaders, they’ll point you toward an adult who knows it well and who is happy to help you. 🙂

    Scoutbook is the (relatively new-ish) digital system that helps scouts track advancement through the ranks, track what they’ve done, safely connect with Merit Badge Counselors who can sign off on the work done, and enable a safe way to email. It’s also got a calendar where we try to also post our Calendar events (if there is ever a conflict, look at !). The Scoutbook calendar has a cool feature where you can subscribe to your scout’s Patrol calendar on your phone.
    More info on that once I write something about it. 🙂
  8. Got MAD SKILLZ that you want to share with the scouts and/or the troop? Got all of your training and stuff done and want some fun in exchange for all that work? Tell us what you want to do!

Anything I forgot? Send a note with your question:

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