How to Do Medical Forms

Fill out medical forms for the first responders and ER doctors and nurses treating your child, as completely as if you are unable to accompany your child to the Emergency Room. If there is an emergency, this form will accompany your child and inform their care.
Hopefully being prepared will help ward off any actual emergency. 🙂

Download medical forms from here:

There are two links. Most Scouts just need sections A and B for events that last less than 72 hours:

Many scouting events require just A and B, but it’s a great idea to bring page C along/email it to your scout’s physician for their annual well visit, since Summer Camp requires it:

Critical Signatures

When completing your medical forms, don’t forget two critical signature areas.

The first is in section A. Both the scout and their parent/guardian must sign and date.

The second is in section B2. This must also be signed for adults. This gives those of us with first aid training permission to treat you or your child.

Health Insurance Coverage

Please remember to include a photocopy, front and back, of your health insurance card. Please be sure to update your medical form if this changes.

How to Maintain Medical Forms

Things change year over year, and these forms have a LOT of information. There are a couple of strategies to make them easier.

If hand writing works for you, be sure to keep a photo or a copy so you have that at home as a reference.

If electronic works for you, there are various PDF-editing or graphics programs that can make it easier. You can open the original PDF in a program, add text, and then print off a version to give to your scoutmaster, leader, camp, etc.
Save an editable version, go back and change the text when things change, and print it off again.