Adult Participation Policy

If you ever plan to participate in any trip or troop activity, you must complete all of this training.

There are requirements for background checks and youth protection in addition to what we already do as members of scouting. This document details the training and background checks required and the links necessary to complete everything. 
All are required to have this training completed by June 1, 2022.

Required Training and Background Checks are for all adults who want to interact or participate in any activities with the scouts. Interaction includes anyone going on trips, driving for trips, or participating in any scout activities.

Committee roles that do not come into contact with youth are exempt, and must file a declaration of exemption.

** Merit Badge Counselors need to take YPT, register, complete LiveScan, and complete a background check **


1. BSA Youth Protection Training

Youth Protection Training (YPT) is an online course accessed through

    1. Go to and click Create Account. Follow the onscreen instructions.
    2. Go to, or Youth Protection Training. Click the box labeled Mandatory- Youth Protection Training. Follow the onscreen instructions.
    3. Make a copy of your certificate when complete. Your YPT certificate is valid for 2 years.

    Your Adult application is processed through our Troop Registrar (

  1. Background checks are completed after the adult application is completed.

2. Apply to Join Troop 782 as a Registered Adult

Contact when you have paid and submitted your application.

See also the Merit Badge Counselor page at

3. California AB-506

AB506 is a California law that requires all adults who interact with youth to be registered and complete the state’s training and background check. Interaction with youth includes anyone going on trips, driving for trips, or participating in any activities for more than 16 hours per month or 32 hours per year.

Go to to read about what is involved.
Then do the online California Child Abuse Mandated Reporter for Volunteers training:
and sign up for LiveScan fingerprinting (there is a fee):
You can get the LiveScan done anywhere; the UPS Store in Del Mar and San Diego has easy online appointments.

All California AB-506 links can be accessed at All information and FAQ’s are provided there.

4. Save your Certificates and Receipts

Please send a copy of your certificates to, so we can help track expiration dates.

Save a copy of your YPT certificate, your AB506 certificate, and your LiveScan receipt in a safe place. Any miscommunications are frequently solved by forwarding a copy of the certificate and/or receipt.

How to Retrieve Your Certificate

If you do not have a saved copy anywhere (because of course you uploaded it per their instructions!), you can download one by returning to the page below, signing in, and under courses you will see your volunteer certificate.

How to Re-Upload Your Certificate

Please make sure you have the correct Troop Name.