Greenery Selling Information

Important Things to Know

  • All greenery orders will be taken online at
  • Order cutoff will be the first Monday in November
  • As we get closer to the cutoff date some items may be sold out
  • There are local orders and direct shipped orders
    • Local orders will be picked up and delivered by you
    • Direct shipped (out-of-town) orders are shipped directly to the recipient, shipping costs included
  • All Scouts that sell $500 or more of greenery will have 10% of their total sales added to their troop Scout Bucks account.

Door-to-door Selling

  • Wear your full class A uniform
  • Show the QR code on a smart device or printed out from
  • Instruct the customer to use their smart device to scan the code and order. BE SURE TO REMIND THEM TO PUT YOUR SCOUT’S NAME AS THE SELLER
  • Get the order number from the customer (e.g Gxxx-2022.) They will be told what their order number is upon completing an order. This will help later to match payments to orders
  • Encourage the customer to pay via Venmo, check or cash after completing the order. If they insist on paying upon delivery, record the name, address and amount with the order number
  • Bring an envelope for cash and checks. Write the names, addresses order numbers and amounts on the envelope. Bring the envelope to the next troop meeting so that payments can be recorded.
  • If the customer wants to place an order later, that’s not encouraged, but it’s fine. Know that you will have to approach them for payment when you deliver their greenery. IF YOU CANNOT DELIVER OR COLLECT PAYMENT YOU ARE ON THE HOOK TO PAY FOR THE GREENERY.

Email Selling

  • This is one of the most effective ways to sell to out-of-town relatives and friends
  • You will receive an email suggesting wording and an image to click for ordering that can be copied and emailed to friends, relatives, co-workers, etc.
  • Be sure to insert the selling scout’s name into the email template before sending
  • Feel free to adjust the email template as you like

Pickup and Delivery

  • As soon after Thanksgiving as possible, depending in shipping times from Oregon and logistics issues
  • You will be directed to select a pickup day and time from a distribution center
  • You will be directed to download your list of greenery to collect, where each item is to be delivered and to whom.
  • Order numbers, phone numbers of the recipients, and purchaser email addresses will be provided
  • You will need to collect any unpaid balances at the time of deliver 
  • Be sure to keep track of money collected and the order number(s) associated with the payment

Checking on Orders

In Case You Forget

All the links, QR Codes, and instructions are accessible from  the main menu.

Thank you for helping make our Greenery fundraiser a success!!