Eagle Project Guidelines

Eagle Project

What is an Eagle Project?

The Eagle Project is a project that demonstrates your skills in organization, planning, presentation and leadership. It will put into practice all the skills you have learned, as well as the leadership experience you have gained while in scouts.

When can I start?

As the project is seen as the showcase of your skills and leadership, you need to demonstrate to the adult leadership that you have developed enough of these skills, especially leadership, to be able to execute the project plan without assistance from the adult leaders or parents. Adults can provide transportation and lots of manual labor.

What approvals do I need?

You need to have the final draft of the project signed off by the Scoutmaster, Committee Chair and Eagle Counselor.

What is Troop 782’s process?

·                 Meet with Scoutmaster and Venture Patrol adult leader to discuss the process and review the project from a conceptual basis.

·                 Talk with the agency manager at the sponsoring agency.

·                 Identify an Eagle Counselor and discuss the project with them.

·                 Put together a formal project presentation.

·                 Schedule a date with the committee chair at which you can present the project to the committee. In advance of the meeting, distribute copies of the “draft package” to the scoutmaster, committee chair, and venture patrol adult leader. As an option, you may distribute copies to all the adult leaders and committee members.

·                 Present your project to the committee for comments and review.

·                 Make adjustments to the package and prepare a final draft.

·                 Obtain signatures form the scoutmaster and committee chair.

·                 Present your project and obtain signoff from your Eagle Counselor.

·                 Schedule with the scoutmaster dates when you will have the troop work on the project. These dates will be set as not to interfere with scheduled troop outings.

·                 Recruit scouts and adult leadership to complete your project.

·                 Execute your project and bring the final package to scoutmaster for signoff.

Any other tips I should know about?

·                 The counselors are looking for projects with hours in the 200 plus range.

·                 Project should be geared so that scouts of all ages and skills can work on it.

·                 Package should be written up so that it can be handed to someone and completed without your involvement.

·                 The write-up should address the following: supervision (2 deep adult leadership), transportation, financing, materials lists, crew organization, safety, timeline, and schedule.

·                 We have other scouts’ projects that can be used for reference.

·                 Talk to counselor about what they are looking for in terms of scope and hours.