How to Register with BSA and Get Trained

As of September 1st, 2023, only registered and trained adults are allowed to drive other scouts and also to go on campouts. This means we need more registered adults to keep campouts on the calendar!

All of these things keep all of our kids safer, and make us more aware parents. Just follow these steps.

  1. Make sure you connect with Troop Leadership before you do all of this and register with Troop 782.
  2. Get Youth Protection Trained.
    Go to and click Create Account of the left side of the screen. Follow the onscreen instructions.
    Go to, or Youth Protection Training. Click the box labeled Mandatory- Youth Protection Training. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. Apply to Join Troop 782 as a Registered Adult.
    Online Registration and Application to Troop 782 G
    Online Registration and Application to Troop 782 B
  4. Do your AB506 California-specific required training.
    Go to to read about what is involved.
    Then do the online training:
    and sign up for LiveScan fingerprinting:
    You can get the LiveScan done anywhere; the UPS Store in Del Mar and San Diego has easy online appointments.
  5. Save your Certificates and Receipts!
    Save a copy of your YPT certificate, your AB506 certificate, and your LiveScan receipt in a safe place. The communication at the state level is not amazing, so it’s usually easier to fix problems by forwarding a copy of the certificate and/or receipt.

For more information, please see San Diego-Imperial Council Membership Registration/Renewal Resources