How to Sign Up for Summer Camp 2023

If you’re reading this, you probably just got your uniform and want to get on with Doing Stuff, Already.

Sign up to get access to

Second, Summer Camp. You need the following:

  • Sign up for Summer Camp:
  • Medical form, see the calendar entry for June 27th for the medical form link and everything that is due that day. If you can get page C back from your Dr faster than that, please send it in early.
  • Sign up for merit badges at Summer Camp.
    The schedule is: merit badge classes are typically M, T, Th, F, unless otherwise stated. Whitewater rafting (or an optional hike for those who don’t sign up) is on Wednesday. To do whitewater rafting, you must concurrently sign up for the canoeing MB or kayaking MB if you don’t already have it. Handicraft fees (such as woodworking, etc) are paid at the trading post at camp, other fees (like ammunition) are pre-paid before you go.
  • Merit Badges: First, look at this and ideally, print it out and circle items:
  • Merit Badges: Second, Once you have your schedule items circled and you don’t have any overlaps, then enter them here:
  • There will be an email coming out soon regarding actually paying for camp. Typically the troop uses Venmo (@BSA782-SolanaBeach), or a check made out to BSA Troop 782, handed to our Treasurer Chris Riddle at a troop meeting.

Kim Hiland Belding is the person to ping if you have any questions or difficulties with signing up for merit badges.