2018 Photos

Troop 782 Photos
Troop 782 2018 Photo Gallery
Game Meeting January 29
Joshua Tree February 9-11
Eagle Rock Backpack March 24-25
Rancho Coastal Camporee April 20-22
Mt. Baden Powell April 29
Padres Scout Night at Petco Park May 12
Flag Retirement Meeting May 21
San Jacinto Backpack/3 Peaks May 25-28
Sub Base June 9-10
Flag Day in Solana Beach June 14
June Lagoon Platoon Volunteering June 16
June Court of Honor/PotLuck June 18
Mt. Wilson Backpack June 2-24
Cherry Valley Summer Camp July 1-7
Beach Camp September 8-9
Halloween Meeting October 29
Veterans Day Clean Up November 11
Webelos Open House November 26
Mud Caves December 8-9
Lagoon Platoon Fall 2018
Cooking Meeting December 10
Court of Honor December 17
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