Virtual/Hybrid Merit Badge Opportunities

Home scouting – Fee charged.
Opportunities to attend various presentations live or watch in your own time up to 90 days after the
week starts. Has a dashboard where you can explore different areas related to the merit badges or Nova
awards to learn more about the topics. Opportunities to sign up for zoom sessions with counselors to
present and discuss what you have learned to receive blue cards.
Behind the screen – Animation, Digital Technology, Programming, Hello World Nova
Beneath the crust – Geology, Archeology, Mining in Society, Whoosh! Nova
Below the Surface – Sustainability, Oceanography, Environmental Science, Splash! Nova
Beyond the Stars – Robotics, Astronomy, Space Exploration, Shoot! Nova

Cyber film camp – fee charged.
All day zoom workshops with experts and scouts from around the USA. LA film industry experts share
videos and experiences throughout the sessions.
Movie Making, Photography & Animation

Edmond History Museum – fee charged.
Work at your own pace and meet with counselors and experts virtually.
American Heritage, Archeology, Citizenship in the community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the
World. Coin Collecting, Collections, Communications, Emergency Preparedness, Entrepreneurship,
Environmental Science, Exploration, Family Life, Genealogy, Indian Lore, Personal Management, Scouting
Heritage, Stamp Collecting.

Caryn McCall
Self paced Google classrooms, with zoom session offered.
Scholarship code – 5kytlyw
Reading code – 6br7shb

Various Dates through the year
Erin McCowan Foster – donation drive requested.
Prepare all work in advance and meet deadlines. Interactive zoom class sessions. Dates offered
throughout the year; classes fill quickly. She expects quality work and provides fun interactive sessions.
Architecture, Citizenship in the World, Landscape Architecture, Soil and water Conservation,
Sustainability, World Conservation Award.

Eastern State Penitentiary – fee charged.
Offered twice a year. Virtual tour and talk with experts. Suitable for older scouts as the tour is detailed
and the session requires the ability to focus for the entire session.

Harley Davidson Museum – fee charged.
Offered throughout the year. Tour and booklet supplied. Suitable for older scouts as the tour is detailed
and the session requires the ability to focus for the entire session.